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Hello!! I'm provide wedding photojournalism in a documentary style focused on capturing real moments as well as stunning portraits with a natural, candid feel. I'm a freelance photographer with a different perspective. I learned my craft at Berufsfachschule Fashion Art Design in Deutschland/Germany. But I've been in love with photography ever since I can remember and I never stop learning!
I love natural lighting and the ability to candidly capture a moment and keep it forever. Especially the expressions that tell the story!

..."photographs are important. Even if they aren't important to you now, they will be important to someone later"...

As you look through my images, you will find that my style of photography is simple . . . in color or black and white . . . and even includes a few romantic dreams and that little thing we call hope and love. As a photographer, it has become my passion to use my camera to document those moments artistically, elegantly, and most importantly: truthfully. I believe that the essence of who we are is not captured in scripted or staged photographs... It's captured in the smiles, the laughter, the tears, and the fleeting moments that make up our true love stories.

And I love to travel and offer destination wedding photography.

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I’m very Blessed!!..Yours truly…Widia ♥